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your AutoCAD drawing text in a single dwg file or multiple drawings all at one time using Ms Excel.  Our tool is an easy-to-use professional DWG language translator application for AutoCAD 2007-2018.

If you do not have AutoCAD
Let us do the conversion.  Send us your drawings, and we extract the texts to Excel.  You translate the Excel file, and we insert your translations to the drawings.  You also get pdf  files of the drawings.  We request 4 per drawing for this service, if the drawings are of normal size.  Get more information by clicking here.

Conventional methods:

When AutoCAD drawings need to be translated into a different language, conventional methods are expensive, slow and prone to error.
Problems translating AutoCAD drawings on your own:
  • Text can difficult to find on large AutoCAD drawings, all texts may not be found.
  • The translator must be familiar with AutoCAD.
  • Blocks containing variable attributes may cause problems.
  • The procedure may be extremely slow.
Benefits using our translator tool:
  • Allows the translator to concentrate on the translation work.
  • The translator does not have to work in the AutoCAD environment.
  • Your translated database (Ms Excel) runs outside of the AutoCAD.
  • You can take advantage of your CAT software features: translation memories, glossaries, etc.
  • You can have both the source texts and the translations in the same drawings.
  • The graphical formatting of elements stays unaffected after the translation.
  • Translated files might be produced in hours, not days.
Translates AutoCAD drawings in 2 ways
Our tool can work on individual file or in batch mode.  Either way, your AutoCAD drawings will be translated into your desired language using just three steps.

Translate a single drawing
With this command you translate the active drawing, using an Excel workbook.

Translate AutoCAD drawings in batch mode 
You can translate entire projects or folders of AutoCAD drawings with batch run.

AutoCAD 2007 - AutoCAD 2018 / Ms Excel 2000 or higher

Independent Reviewer Opinions:

"DwgTextTranslator delivers real cost and time saving when translating AutoCAD files. The production of pdf's on extraction allows context to be checked for consistency and the reinsertion of text saves hours of AutoCAD work" 
Daniel Howe - IT Director at Kredo IT Ltd

"DwgTextTranslator is the perfect tool for translators using AutoCAD. I could increase my productivity skywards. And the support service always responds very quickly and efficiently. I wish I had known this tool before. I strongly recommend this tool for translators who work with AutoCAD."
Joao Marcelo Trovao - Professional Technical Translator

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