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Setup DwgTextTranslator (64-bit)
Here follows the instructions of how to install the application to your computer.  First, you need to install the database driver: "AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe" (it is in the zip: "dwgtexttranslator").

You need to have Ms Excel 2010 or later (64-bit) on your computer.


Close AutoCAD and all other applications that may be running before installing DwgTextTranslator.

You also should log on as system administrator.

Double click on the file SETUP.EXE.


Don't choose as installation directory "C:/Program files/AutoDesk/AutoCAD/dwgtrans", use another directory, for instance the root directory: "c:/dwgtrans". The "C:/Program files" directory is heavily protected by the operating system, so files may be locked, and the application may become unusable.

The pull-down menu.

The toolbars.

If you use AutoCAD 2015 or later, you need to get the menu bar visible.
To display the menu, click Quick Access Toolbar drop-down > Show Menu Bar.


If you still did not get the DWG-translator pull down menu, check that the Support File Search Path includes the "dwgtrans"-directory:
1. Select "Tools" from the pull-down menu and the item "Options", or write at the command prompt:
Command: _options
2. Click on the "Files"-sheet. Double click on the "Support File Search Path" icon. 

3. Add with the "Add" and "Browse"- buttons the “dwgtrans” directory, and press “Apply”.

Close AutoCAD, and restart  AutoCAD from the icon:

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