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Setup DwgTextTranslator (64-bit)
Here follows the instructions of how to install the application to your computer.  First, you need to install the database driver: "AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe" (it is in the zip: "dwgtexttranslator").

You need to have Ms Excel 2010 or later (64-bit) on your computer.


Close AutoCAD and all other applications that may be running before installing DwgTextTranslator.

You also should log on as system administrator.

Double click on the file "dtt19_64_Setup.exe"


Don't choose as installation directory "C:/Program files/AutoDesk/AutoCAD/dwgtrans", use another directory, for instance the root directory: "c:/dwgtrans". The "C:/Program files" directory is heavily protected by the operating system, so files may be locked, and the application may become unusable.

The pull-down menu.

The toolbars.

If you use AutoCAD 2015 or later, you need to get the menu bar visible.
To display the menu, click Quick Access Toolbar drop-down > Show Menu Bar.


If you still did not get the DWG-translator pull down menu, check that the Support File Search Path includes the "dwgtrans"-directory:
1. Select "Tools" from the pull-down menu and the item "Options", or write at the command prompt:
Command: _options
2. Click on the "Files"-sheet. Double click on the "Support File Search Path" icon. 

3. Add with the "Add" and "Browse"- buttons the “dwgtrans” directory, and press “Apply”.

Close AutoCAD, and restart  AutoCAD from the icon:

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