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Preview drawings:
When selecting drawings to be included in the translation process you can see thumbnails of the drawings.
Translating numbers:
By default, the DwgTextTranslator omits texts that contain only numbers, but you can configure the application to also include numbers in the translation process.
Layers included in the translation process:
You can choose the layers you want to translate, this speeds up the translation process and you can easily omit such layers which texts you don't want to translate.
Layer for the translations:
You can define a layer for the output translations.  You can freely choose the name of the layer and it's color. In this way you can have both the source texts and the translations in the same drawings, but on different layers.  You can for instance have English texts on the layer "English" and Chinese texts on the layer "Chinese".
Move all texts to a layer:
You can move all the texts in the drawings to one specified layer.
Print to pdf:
You can print all your drawings and their layouts to pdf files.
Use a CAT tool for the translation work
Translate the texts with your favourite CAT tool (Trados, Systran, WordFast, SDLX, Déjà Vu, etc.)
Elements included in the translations process:
The application translates all AutoCAD text elements.  Also proxy entities are translated.
Multi line texts:
The application uses a smart way to handle AutoCAD multi-line texts (MTEXTS).  The formatting parameters and the text content are separated, so you only need to deal with the actual text content.
Bi-lingual drawings:
You can print the translations underneath the source texts, and hence have two languages in the same drawings.
Unicoded languages:
You can translate to, or from unicoded languages, such as Chinese, Russian or Japanese.  When translating to such languages you can define which big-font you want to use.
Sorting the texts:
The texts are saved in the Excel workbook in a descending order from the top of the drawings.  This makes it is easier to read and translate the texts in the workbook.
All time critical routines are placed in an arx-module, which means that the conversion process is extremely fast.
Combine texts
You can group together several single text lines into coherent multi-line texts, before the conversion process. This makes it easier to read and translate the Excel file.
Overlapping text
If the translations are longer than the original texts was, you can shorten the them by changing their width factors, if they overlap other texts.
Customize the conversion process
You can change text font, save to an older AutoCAD format or do any other action that you specify during the conversion process.
Use the application as an add-on:
You can use DwgTextTranslator as an add-on on other AutoCAD applications.
You can access all files output by the application from within DwgTextTranslator.
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