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IsoBuilder is a tool for the creation of isometric AutoCAD drawings for illustration purposes. It is suitable for illustrations for spare part-catalogues or other isometric presentations. 

With the IsoBuilder you can build isometric views using your existing AutoCAD 2D views, with a few clicks with your mouse. IsoBuilder supports the creation of “exploded” drawings.

The IsoBuilder works entirely in 2D, so you need not to build any 3D-models, and all geometry created is completely compatible with AutoCAD, without the need of any additional 3D-package.
Builds isometrics in two different ways!
Projecting geometry directly
With this method you project geometry from you 2D-projection directly, without defining any projection boundaries. This function is suitable for simple geometry, like profiles and shafts.
Isometric projecting geometry directly
Projecting with a box
For a complicated drawing you need to know exactly how the geometry is located in relation to the projections. For this purpose you can project your 2D-projections onto the sides of an isometric box, that you can turn into a desired angle, and you can build your isometric view inside the box, using functions like “extrude”, “revolve” and “plain geometry”. When the isometric view is built (inside the box), you can erase the geometry of the box with a single command.
Isometric projecting with a box
Toolbar of the Isobuilder - isometric
Toolbar of the IsoBuilder
With IsoBuilder you can easily ”explode” your isometric view. IsoBuilder creates for every component a block, and you “explode” the drawing simply by moving the components apart with the normal AutoCAD command “move”. With IsoBuilder you easily draw thick contours around components. You select the geometry, around which you want to draw an outline, and the contour-function will find the outline automatically.

You can also create isometric text and isometric position balloons. There is also a library of components often used, such as nuts, screws, washers and bearings.

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